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Corn Cob Pellets

Typical Analysis :

Crude Protein : 1.77 %
Fat : 0.90 %
Crude Fiber : 29.3 %
Moisture : 6.00 %
Nitrogen Free Extract : 57.7 %
Ash : 1.60 %

Available size of pellets : 5 mm to  8 mm 

Use Of Pellets : In fertilizer segment  and  other feed aditives segment

The pith and chaff portions have a low bulk density which means that for a given volume of product, the weight is relatively low. In general, high volume and low weight translates to high freight costs for finished products. For some products, we increase the bulk density, by compressing the pith and chaff into pellets. The pellets are then reprocessed into various particle sizes.

PC Crumbles and 1440PC are processed from pelleted pith and chaff.

Absorbent Socks utilize pith and chaff that has not been pelleted. Socks are packaged 40 per case and are approximately 48" long, 4" in diameter and one pound each.

Corncob absorbents are ideal for incineration (less than 2% ash residue) or as a fuel source (7900 BTU / 1b.)

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