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Corn Cob Powder

CornCob Powder

CornCob Powder, a versatile absorbent and adsorbent derived from Corn Cobs for diverse application which include use

Grades: 1014; 2040; 3080 and -40 are processed from the woody-ring portion of the corncob.

Grades: 1440PC and -40PC are processed from the pith and chaff portions and are referred to as PC Grades.

Corn Cob Powder

  •   As a diluents/carrier/filler material in Animal health products, Agro-chemicals, Veterinary formulations, Vitamin premixes, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

  •   As an excellent absorbent media in Environment control for safe disposal of liquid and solid effluents.

  •   As a soil conditioner, water retainer in horticulture.

  •   As an litter conditioner in Poultry industry, etc.
Corn Cob Powder

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